What's New:

15/10/99: Sorry for the *very* delayed update... Anyways, uploaded the first two Exploding Fist games to the games page, and tidied up a few links.

17/9/99: First off, the bad news: Elite is no longer freely distributeable, and as such is out of the archive. I have however, added the tape version of Trailblazer to the games page. As well, the links section is currently offline, because I'm in the middle of doing a major overhaul of it. I should be finished by next week though.

8/9/99: Sorry about the mega delay in updates, I've just been caught up in other tasks which haven't given me much time. Anyway, I've put two cool games, and uploaded the entire Sidburners collection to the demos page, enjoy! Also note the new (temporary) address for Arnold, and added info about the new VICE release.

20/8/99: Not much tonight, just uploaded 2 demos, and one killer game. Check them out!

13/8/99: Tonight I've only had time to upload two games, Hyper Cars and Hero of the Golden Talisman. There have also been a few links added to the various sections.

6/8/99: I've now started a Demos page, with some showcases of C64 talent. Also, I've started making the site look a bit better, and use a few more fonts (They're standard ones so don't worry!). It appears that the files in the Utils directory are corrupted, so they won't be available until next week, sorry!

29/7/99: Uploaded a PD Arkanoid clone, and finally completed the new links section (check it out!).

21/7/99: I've now installed one of the Freeservers counters, and have added a guestbook, which may or may not take over from the survey [more people will be able to use it!]. I've also started a new links catagory, and re-added a site which I though was dead.

17/7/99: Added a few new fan sites to the relative section of the links page!

10/7/99: The music which should be playing is currently disabled because of problems :-(

9/7/99: Well, I'm back, and added another full game, and fixed some links!

1/7/99: Changed the tune, and added a further 2 tunes (not including the new tune) to the Sids page, and another game on the games page! In addition, I won't be able to update the site for at least a few weeks, sine I'm losing my ISP connection soonish. Please be patient!

18/6/99: Only a quickie tonight! Just 3 games and not much else!

11/6/99: Here we go! Four more games (plus a C128 title!), and did a few fixes & optimisations!

2/6/99: Not much, just added a new Sidtune to the site (for the June tune update :-))

28/5/99: Took down 8 titles, and added 2 full games to the Games page, and removed a few links and added the C64 database to the links page.

21/5/99: Added 3 Sids, and the new release (literally!) of Smash Design's game Crush to the games page.

7/5/99: Added 2 games and a demo, and not much else!

1/5/99: Added a game demo, some new links and an update on the new version of VICE released earlier this week.

23/4/99: Added another 3 games, and a new link.

17/4/99: Added 3 games to the games page, a new link, and 6 new sidtunes!

11/4/99: Added 2 new games to the games page, and re-designed the links system

7/4/99: Changed the entire colour scheme of the site! Mail me you comments

4/4/99: Added two games, plus 3 SIDtunes to the relevant pages, plus a link to the most useful C64 site seen in a while.... C64-Search.

1/4/99: Not much, only changed the playing SIDtune.

27/3/99: Fixed up format of Games Page, and added 3 SIDTunes. Still no new games :-(

20/3/99: Nothing much this week, only a new link on the links page. Sorry!

13/3/99: Added 6 new SIDtunes, and corrected the rest (they're not zipped now), also added a demo of the classic Exile, and a neat game called 'Arcade Classic' to the games page. Also, corrected the date for the last entry [I didn't time travel!]

10/3/99: Well, if you didn't notice, the reason why the site was down Monday/Tuesday, was that I moved the page off Geocities [They don't like emulation sites... no matter the legality of files on those sites], and on to FreeServers, who are pretty cool, and are nowhere near as annoying, with regard to the frames, and pop-ups. Along with that, I've changed the music to a SIDtune (via SIDPlug, since FreeServers allow those files on their servers), and done some other tiny details. No files this week :-(

6/3/99: Added demos of Penguin Tower and Fuzzball, and the ancient Jeff Minter game 'Attack of the Mutant Camels' to the games page. Also added my own views on the emulation fiasco.

5/3/99: Not much, just made a change to the survey.

2/3/99: Well... All the titles, for which distribution was either not given, or the copyright holders weren't know, have been removed. I'll try to locate some more (check here & in comp.emulators.cbm) and upload them. Also added the leaked preview to Turrican III (which to my knowledge, cause the project to get terminated), and some new links.

26/2/99: Added Nether G1 Alpha to the Games page. Added warning message about the removal of the games. Also added a Sid Tunes Page, with 11 tunes online. Also linked to the SCPU Home, which contains some games, which are compatible with this system upgrade, but can be run on a stock C64 (at a much slower speed!)

23/2/99: The site is officially part of the Commodore Web-Ring (after 8 months!), updated main index to make it more efficient for frame-less browsers to use, changed the endings of the pages.

Before then..... Heaps!