SID Music

With the custom built SID (Sound Interface Device) soundchip, many C64 games were also presented with stunning music, which due to the efforts of many people, can be replayed without loading an emulator and the specific game you wished to listen to. You can use these with either SIDPlay, or the SIDAmp plug in for WinAmp.

Here's a brief selection of (what I think to be) some of the best SID tunes I've heard on the C64. If you have problems trying to download them, make sure you hold down SHIFT while you click the file. Anyway, Enjoy them!

Action BikerComposer:Rob Hubbard
AlleykatComposer:Steve Turner
ArkanoidComposer:Martin Galway
Battle ValleyComposers:Maniacs of Noise
Chase HQ 2: Special Criminal InvestigationComposer:Klaus Grongaard
City BomberComposer:Feekzoid
Comic Bakery (Title was also used in Top Gun)Composer:Martin Galway
CommandoComposer:Rob Hubbard
Crazy CometsComposer:Rob Hubbard
Creatures IIComposer:Steve Rowlands
Cybernoid IIComposer:Jeroen Tel
DeltaComposer:Rob Hubbard
DrillerComposer:Matt Gray
EliminatorComposer:Jeroen Tel
Ghouls & Ghosts (Title)Composer:Tim Follin
Green BeretComposer:Martin Galway
Greystorm (Intro/Loader)Composer:Falco Paul
Last Ninja 2Composer:Matt Gray
L.E.D. StormComposer:Tim Follin
Mega ApocalypseComposer:Rob Hubbard
MorpheusComposer:Steve Turner
MutantsComposer:Fred Gray
Noisy PillarsComposer:Jeroen Tel
Ocean Loader 1Composer:Martin Galway
PantherComposer:David Whittaker
Project Stealth FighterComposer:Ken Lagace
QuotaComposer:Marc Francois
Rambo First Blood: Part 2Composer:Martin Galway
S-ExpressComposer:Chris Lightfoot
SanxionComposer:Rob Hubbard
Sanxion [Loader] RemixComposer:Rob Hubbard
ScorpionComposer:Marcel Donne
StarAceComposer:Fred Gray
Super CarsComposer:Ben Daglish
SupremacyComposer:Jeroen Tel
ThrustComposer:Rob Hubbard
TurboChargeComposers:Sonix Systems
UridiumComposer:Steve Turner
Wings of FuryComposer:Kris Hatlelid